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homestuck: it's vernacular look it up 
2nd-Oct-2012 11:55 pm
♠ » all hail
title: it's vernacular look it up.
fandom: homestuck
pairing: vriska <> dave
rating: none
wordcount: 449
warnings: bad rap battles, one use of swear word!!
summary: no i just wanted to polish up homestuck writing for avengerstuck so i wrote this really short quick thing nothing to see here thanks to liesmiths for the totally good idea of dave's archaeology themed rap though

TG: terezi digs me
AG: Terezi can’t see you, dum8ass!
TG: she still digs me though she cant see
TG: digs me more than archaeology
TG: the fossils in my nostrils are the shossils
TG: now watch us go get schlozzled
TG: im standing here with my arms crossed i look so cool
AG: Dave if you are insistent on rapping instead of talking, at least rap real words!!!!
TG: schlozzled is totally a word
TG: its vernacular look it up
AG: Uuuuuuuugh!!!!

-- arachnidsGrip [AG] has ceased trolling turntechGodhead [TG] at 21:39 --

One retrieves his sick rap rhymes from the dregs of the conversation.
Another finds hers struggling to compete.            

Dave shuts down his computer. He has won. He is the star.
High fiving Lil Cal, he draws the curtains.
No meteors lurk. Only the streetlights through the fog and the churning of cars. A bird pecks at crumbs on the sidewalk. People run home from taxi cabs.
He is alone.

Vriska shuts down her computer. She has lost. She is a failure.
Shouting goodnight to Spidermom, she draws the curtains.
Ghosts outside howl through the walls. The Land of Maps and Treasure has become barren. No gold is left. No glass bottles with hidden messages swim to shore.
She is alone.

A diamond flashes in the girls’ peripheral.

-- turntechGodhead [TG] has started pestering arachnidsGrip [AG] at 10:23 --

TG: sup blue blood
AG: Hello, Dave.
AG: Oh, I forgot to say something yesterday!!!! How silly of me.
TG: …
AG: Ahem.
AG: Well if Terezi digs you then she digs me more!
AG: Who’s that pulling up in a 8oat at the shore?
AG: It’s Terezi motherfucker! Where’s her 8oat for you?
AG: You don’t got one featherplucker! She digs Dave who?
TG: nice rhymes girl
TG: needs some work but on the whole good job
AG: ::::)
TG: so
TG: sup

Nothing was up. Not any pale feelings whatsoever! Especially not for this loser.

AG: Nothing is up!!!!
TG: cool

Of all the moirallegiances of all the trolls in all the world, he walks into hers.

AG: So, Dave.
AG: Do you ever wanna like....
AG: Go on a d8????
AG: Not like a proper d8. 8ut like an outing d8.
AG: We could rap or feed 8irds or do whatever you like doing!!!!
AG: It wouldn’t have to 8e a8out killing or culling orange 8loods.
AG: ;;;;)
TG: cool
TG: i mean the whole killing stuff sounds hella sweet but
TG: yeah whatever ill go out with you

-- turntechGodhead [TG] has ceased pestering arachnidsGrip [AG] at 10:47 --

AG: <>

-- arachnidsGrip [AG] has ceased trolling turntechGodhead [TG] at 10:49 --
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